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mzmissym [userpic]

(no subject)

January 31st, 2007 (08:45 am)

so apparently, i have committment issues.

i have never had a boy puruse me this much, and be this sweet to me. and all i want to do is run the other direction.

mzmissym [userpic]

fast food nation

November 28th, 2006 (10:19 am)

so i've been avoiding this book since it came out. because i love fastfood. as in, absolultey adore. i'm a mcdonalds girl, LOVE jack in the box, could eat at in and out any day of the year, and grew up on carl's jr. but i *finally* decided to read this. and so far it's ridiculously good. i also haven't gotten into graphic detail of the meat processing yet. i haven't decided whether or not i'm going to skip over that or not. but as far as the history aspect is concerned, the book is fascinating.

in other news: as excited as i am to finally be freaking legal in this country, growing up is terrifying. figuring out what to do after school is terrifying. 2 years of the my life to the peace corps seems terrifying. i don't know if i'll apply for teach for america, the peace corps, neither, both.......

being a kid/teenager was fabulous. i miss it. and in 10 years i'll miss being 21.


mzmissym [userpic]


November 18th, 2006 (11:24 am)

so i went back to camp yesterday with ijfke to help them staff ropes course. i never thought i would be there ever again, and then there i was. i got to do zip line though i really wanted to do multivine and wished that i had forced myself to do giants ladder since i have never completed it.

i was staffing giants ladder all day, and it's funny cause i'm so helpful with helping the kids make it to the top, even though i never have. the staffers were fucking useless though, they can't do belay lines for shit and were horrible and everything. i guess it kinda just made me upset because being a good staffer can make all the difference in the world for the campers.

i didn't think i would know any of the kids since i'm so old now. but i recognized a few srs who i remember seeing around campus as freshman. and i recognized a lot of peoples sibs. and this one kid looked so familiar and it turns out he was in my ninth guide class. kinda funny. and thenit's funny the people that they knew and i knew, even though we didn't know each other. as in, kids knew reid fowler and avi, dena, sev..all those youngins. so we had them in common.

the whole thing made me realize that i am happy i'm no longer in high school with high school drama, but also made me miss camps. moreso the feeling of helping kids overcome their fears and make it to the top of events. this one girl, chey, was seriously hyperventilating but she made it. and she was so appreciative of my belaying her and my talking her through things that she gave me this huge hug and thank you when she got down. i like that feeling. it's days like that that make me want to be a good person in life and help people vs. make money. but tomorrow i'll probably want to make money.

i want life decisions to be easier.

mzmissym [userpic]

(no subject)

October 29th, 2006 (08:42 am)

I think I should get a second job, but then I don't know how much sense it makes cause I'm only going to be home for two more months and at that, I don't really want to be working over xmas break at all. But I need more money. bah.

I'm going to get my parents ipod nanos for xmas. But it will be pretty hillarious because they'll never update the songs cause it will be too complicated for them. SO basically, before xmas I need to put on songs that they'll like and make playlists for them, etc, etc. It will be a huge pain in the ass. huge. And I'll need to be all sneaky and do it behind their backs.

I like Heros (Krista, i love talking to you about all our shows!). I miss season 1 of VM, but love it nonetheless. Mainly the scene between L/V from the third ep at the end. Basically the cutest thing I've ever seen ever.

OH! I got my hair straightened. As in, spent the fortune to spend 4 hours in a chair while this process took place. It's straighter than I wanted, and I'm def going to miss the curls, but overall I like it. It's so much easier to manage! The only thing I'm worried about is that it will never grow back the same.

Anyyyyway, that's all the random thoughts for now.

mzmissym [userpic]

(no subject)

October 1st, 2006 (08:22 am)

I thought that by this time I'd be ready to kill myself and want to go back to school already. While I'm uber excited for going back to Montreal next semester, I'm not nearly as stir crazy as I had anticipated.

Actually, I'm not stir crazy at all. I'm kind of in this nice lull of working and making bank, working out like a crazy person, and doing little projects here and there like scrap books of europe and high school. Neverending projects they are, but it's still fun.

I finally got itunes and bought an ipod yesterday. Apple has finally worked out the kinks that made me go with creative for all these years. i'm pretty excited though, going through and reorganizing everything via itunes.

Bennett's home right now, I'm going to make bfast for the two bros as soon as KS gets here, B wakes up. Crazy brothers and their lame ass law school. It's disgusting that both of them are doing it. ew.

And my last random thought for the day: talked with RJ last night and he was inquiring about my love life. which i told him was non existent and made me realize that my pants have stayed on for a year. and i'm totally fine with it. and i'm thinking they're gonna be on for a good while.

and i'm done. :0)

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(no subject)

September 5th, 2006 (10:57 pm)

ummmmm, yea.

votes for facebook needing to calm the fuck down?

'cause really, it wasn't already a creepy stalker tool.

...that's all for now. i'm too tired to try and deal with anything else.

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(no subject)

August 18th, 2006 (08:34 am)

i have to go to work like, now...

yesterday i had food poisoning. you know, one of my favorite things EVER. and all i wanted to do last night was go out with my 03 boys and i couldn't cause i was totally out of commission.

in other news: i'm over high school, i hate high school drama, and i hate that i can't escape it. i'm considering not being here for christmas break so i don't have to deal with any of this.

mzmissym [userpic]

(no subject)

July 19th, 2006 (08:28 pm)

She said I don't know if I've ever been good enough
I'm a little bit rusty, and I think my head is caving in
And I don't know if I've ever been really loved
By a hand that's touched me, well I feel like something's
Gonna give
And I'm a little bit angry,

mzmissym [userpic]

they do have their moments

July 17th, 2006 (07:56 pm)

i just burnt my hand on the oven putting brownies in. lame.

why oh why must my cute co worker a) have a girlfriend and b) be 8 years older than me? it really is a shame. but work is always entertaining and i enjoy his company as a friend. actually, i love work altogether. everybody in the office is fun and i love being in the room with the two boys. and talking about cool things like pretending to be superman in the first hawaiian bank tower's elevators. but anyway. it was cute today somehow my boss was saying something about how i never had my hair down (which is blatantly wrong considering it's down every other day) and d had brought up sheila's party, saying he remembered it being down the first time he saw me. it was just surprising that any boy remembered such irrelevant details. what was also fun today was hearing their opinions about my (lack of) love life. certainly kept me smiling.

and another random funny thing: at megans on saturday avi was drinking wine out of a mug and felt the need to mention "so nobody else would appreciate this, but i kinda feel like spike right now." it was hillarious. also moreso because i was very drunk. i suggested he add wheatie bits but he declined.

and in other news: i need perspective. in life. badly. constantly.

mzmissym [userpic]


July 16th, 2006 (03:13 pm)

it's official. this weekend was going back to high school. between two parties and then random run ins, it was as this weekend was one from 3 years ago. seriously people i ran into that i haven't seen since grad ceremony.

with that said, it was lots of fun. mostly because i love seeing people that i enjoy but don't hang out with that much. like CTG and Reid Fowler. Megans last night was definitely a good time. started with all girls, ended with all boys which was entertaing. and i was very trashed but not psychotically drunk like i was the last time she had a party. gaaah. i cringe just thinking about how much of an ass i made out of myself that night.

i've realized that this summer i'm seeing people (aside from the core group of girls) much less frequently than previous summers. which is kind of sad. cause you gotta figure that soon that's just the way it's going ot be, and i'll never hang out with these people ever again.

meh. i'm done writing

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